People heard shouts from the crack of land and then discovered this

Deciding to enjoy the beauty of nature, two men went for a walk. Jumping through the forest, men discovered something that scored them at first.

Planning to have a completely careless day, men walked and talked. However, he soon focused their attention. Or rather, it was more like heartbreaking and calling for help.

Deciding to go to the sound source, men noticed a big crack on the ground. Realizing that the votes were heard from there, they were surprised.

But at that moment the phones were removed, that they could paint everything. One of the men went to work. He saw that there was something in the pit that reminded alive, extended his hand and removed the defenseless child.

Is it a dog? It was not a lamb. The baby was still very small and was probably because of his carelessness. In any case, he immediately ran to his mother, who was waiting for him nearby.

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