The husband tried to check the woman’s loyalty. But he was not ready for such a thing

A man decided to try his wife loves himself and wrote a single wrote that he said that he was leaving his wife and leaving. He left the bombing on the side, and he hid under the bed, waiting for the coming of a woman.

Of course, the husband understood that it was a childish step, but he was convinced that he had to know what his wife really feels, because in their recent relationships. He hoped to hear how much his wife would like to call their acquaintances.
When the woman finally returned home, she saw a notch and read it at once. After a few minutes of silence, he explained the pen and wrote something on the letter. Then he singing a happy song and dancing, dressed up and the impression that he was more happy than being depressed and unhappy. The husband was shocked, but everything became more and worse.

The woman took the phone and called on some number: The husband strained his hearing to listen to whom and what the woman would speak.

“Hello my dear.” I’m already going to come to you. As for that fool, I finally managed him to the point that he left me. And how could I marry it? It’s a pity that we didn’t get acquainted earlier. Well, we see, my dear.
He turned off the phone and left the room. After a while, the husband heard how he opened and closed the exterior door and his wife went …


Excited and tearful with eyes, he left behind the bed and threw himself into a two-time to see what the woman wrote. With wet eyes he read the following lines:

“I see your feet coming out from under the bed. I went to the store to buy bread. “

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