Brittany Mahomes is overjoyed that her baby Bronze has turned three months old and she has shared some gorgeous new pictures of him: “My Guy”…

Today, Brittany Mahomes and her son, who is now three months old, are celebrating their milestone.

When her son Patrick “Bronze” Lavon turned three months old on Tuesday, the co-owner of the Kansas City Current posted a series of cute images on her Instagram Story to commemorate the occasion.


In the photographs, Bronze, the child that Brittany has with her husband Patrick Mahomes, can be seen sporting a green Adidas t-shirt and a pair of gray joggers. He has an adorable appearance. In one photo, he is seen lying on a baby lounger and being covered by a blanket that has his name written on it. Next to him is a marker that says “three months.”

In yet another photo, Bronze can be seen sporting a priceless expression of utter bewilderment while perched upright in an infant seat.

In addition to Bronze, Brittany and Patrick, both 27, also have a daughter named Sterling Skye who is 2 years old.

The week before last, the woman who is a mother of two children uploaded some stunning new pictures on Instagram of her family of four.


She captioned the adorable photos with the phrase, “Thanking God every day for these 3,” beginning with a side profile photo of Brittany holding her infant son, who was swaddled tightly, as she looked down at him. The second photo was of Brittany holding her daughter, who was smiling up at her mother.

In the second photograph, Brittany can be seen leaning on Patrick as they sat together with Sterling placing herself on Patrick’s lap and Patrick holding Bronze on the other side of the frame. In the photographs, Brittany is seen wearing a transparent maxi dress embellished with flower appliques. The rest of the family is shown wearing muted tones that coordinate.

After becoming a parent for the second time, Patrick gave an update on how his older son Sterling is coping with the arrival of the new member of the family during an appearance on The Drive on Audacy’s 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City.

The father of two children said that his daughter has shown a desire to “hold him, take care of him, and anything like that.”

“Even though she wants to play all day, we have to remind her that she has to be careful. And we need to warn her not to fling him about like a stuffed animal baby, “he continued with a giggle. “You really do have a little one there,” I said.

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